Thermophore Heating Pad, Petite, 4 x 17

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Thermophore Heating Pad, Petite, 4 x 17 Description

Size:Petite 4′ x 17′ – Auto Switch Thermophore Moist Heat Pack Units are one of the most popular sources of therapeutic heat in the home. Recommended for Arthritis or Rheumatism, TMJ, Chronic back or neck pain, Fibromyalgia, Muscle spasms, Sports injuries (after the acute phase), Strained muscles or ligament. The Thermophore Moist Heat Pack, designed and manufactured in the US, is usually compared to the standard Electric heating pad. Automatic switch.eating pad sold in the pharmacy for $20.00 or less. Most patients, and even some medical professionals, are not aware that the Thermophore Pack reaches a much higher temperature and automatically produces moist heat without adding water. The Thermophore Pack is actually considered a medical device. The Thermophore Pack delivers consistent moist heat, which is applied and controlled by the patient for maximum comfort and effectiveness. Microwave products and boiled products do not deliver a consistent, controlled temperature, and may he dangerous to the patient.

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