Thera Cane Max: Trigger Point Massager (Green)

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Thera Cane Max: Trigger Point Massager (Green) Description

Color:Green Lifetime Guarantee. Relieving pain and soreness in tender muscles has never been easier. With the Thera Cane MAX you can apply deep pressure to sore muscles on your own. The unique, patented design delivers superior leverage and stability which makes it easy and effective for anyone to use. The Thera Cane MAX will rejuvenate your body and spirit. You will wonder how you ever got along without it. The beauty of the Thera Cane MAX is that it feels GREAT! When something feels this good you are more likely to follow through with self-treatment for aching muscles. Whatever the task or physical requirement, the Thera Cane MAX helps to keep you in the game. A fully illustrated and easy to follow owner’s manual shows how to most effectively hold and use the Thera Cane Max on any part of your body. An interactive DVD makes learning to use it that much easier. It is the perfect complement for both new and experienced users. The Link Ball, a new feature, connects the top half with the bottom half and has multiple uses unique to itself. We love it and so will you! The Thera Cane Max is virtually indestructible, waterproof, weighs only one pound and is proudly made in the USA. It is available everywhere quality massage products are sold. Measures 24 x 15 x 1 inches (W x H x D), the same as a regular Thera Cane and 8 X 15 X 1 disassembled. The MAX has smaller balls (.125 smaller) than the regular TC. The MAX has the link ball which has lots of different uses. The MAX comes apart to make it easier to travel with. The Link Ball that connects the top and bottom together is horizontal to the rest of the Cane. The MAX took us 10 years to design and has a lifetime warranty.

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