Pulsaderm ACE – Acne Clearing Eraser LED Therapy (FDA Cleared)

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Pulsaderm ACE – Acne Clearing Eraser LED Therapy (FDA Cleared) Description

Color:White Acne is a normal part of life and almost everybody experiences an outbreak here and there, but sometimes it can be a bother. Look your best with the Pulsaderm A.C.E.! A.C.E. stands for Acne Clearing Eraser and is a revolutionary way of clearing out inflamed bumps on the skin. The A.C.E. looks like a small handheld flashlight, but it can really brighten your face! Great for mild to moderate acne, the Pulsaderm A.C.E works by using a combination of blue and red LED lights. These lights are directly applied onto the inflamed area on the skin. Exposure to certain wavelengths of blue and red light produces free radicals that help eliminate acne-causing bacteria. This leads to blemish-free skin, as the red light promotes healing and helps prevent future breakouts, while the blue light actively kills the bacteria that cause acne. This product is great for use on sensitive skin and won’t cause any redness or skin dehydration.To get the most out of this light treatment device, wash and dry your face to remove any dirt and oil. Press the on/off button, then gently place the light panel over the blemish and hold it in place for two minutes. Continue this process until you have treated all target areas on your face. The A.C.E. will automatically turn off after two minutes, but you can easily turn it back on to move on to the next treatment area. When you’re done, you may apply your choice of moisturizer and sunscreen to keep your face protected and nourished. Also, clean-up is a breeze! Simply dab the device with an alcohol and it will be ready for the next treatment. Repeat this process three times a day for the best results! FDA cleared, the Pulsaderm A.C.E. doesn’t use any chemicals and is a non-invasive way to fight against acne and pimples. It won’t leave behind any blemishes or scars, making it great for daily care! Zap zits with the Acne Clearing Eraser from Pulsaderm!

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