Parvati Roll On Fragrance – The Goddess Line

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Parvati Roll On Fragrance – The Goddess Line Description

Parvati is the Goddess of Perseverance. Also known as the Princess of the Mountains, she is Shiva’s female counterpart. She is worshipped as a goddess of perseverance and devotion. Receive the blessing of perseverance by wearing the scent of Parvati. Flowery, cool, light and sweet. Do you get frustrated or angry? Everyday problems and challenges with work, school, relationships, or life can lead us feeling frustrated and upset. The Parvati fragrance can bring you comfort with a scent that is nothing short of absolutely delicious. It is no wonder Parvati is Lakshmi NYC’s most popular fragrance. Helps to calm your nerve and brain cells. It is therefore an ideal choice for aromatherapy treatment on chronic stress, insomnia, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and restlessness. The compact 1/3 oz. bottle with roll-on applicator makes it easy to take anywhere. Not Tested On Animals. For External Use Only. Keep Out of Reach of Children. Avoid Contact With The Eyes.

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