Miraflex: Mayan Unbreakable Kids Eyeglasses | Age: 3-7Yr

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Miraflex: Mayan Unbreakable Kids Eyeglasses | Age: 3-7Yr Description

Miraflex Unbreakable Eyeglass’ for Infants, Babies, Toddlers, Kids, & Teens. The Miraflex kids eyeglass frames are Unbreakable, Affordable, and designed to withstand the demanding challenges of childhood. The patented plastic polymer used in Miraflex frames is extremely flexible and will NEVER CREAK OR BREAK. Miraflex frames are metal free and feature a hinge-free unit-body construction to greatly reduce the risk of facial and eye trauma while still looking great on any child. The indestructible plastic polymer used in all Miraflex Infants, Babies, Toddlers, Kids, & Teens size eyeglass frames is engineered to distribute the corrective lens and frame weight over a larger surface area increasing wearer comfort. Additionally, all Miraflex products are 100% BPA Free and California Prop. 65 Compliant Miraflex glasses are lightweight, flexible, and malleable. Each frame automatically optimizes and adjusts themselves to the face of the child to allow early for early correction of refractive errors and strabismus treatments for any age. All Miraflex children’s frames include a matching adjustable elastic headband to keep the frame sung and centered allowing for optimal Optical Correction and perfect Occlusion treatment. Italian made Miraflex frames are available in many Colors, Models, and Shapes to making them perfect for Boys & Girls of any age. Feel free to browse through our full product line and find the exact size and color for you. The Mayan39’s size is: 39/14/120.Miraflex recommends this size frame for Childs Age: 3Yr – 6Yr.Mayan39 Size Specifications:Eye Size: 39mmBridge Size: 14mmTemple Size: 120mmLens Height: 23.4mmFrame Width: 92mm

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